General objective 

Thematic areas 



Target  audience/Areas 


This program was started in partnership with Swisshand Open hand of Switzerland, a Foundation that helps the poor especially women in the start-up of credit schemes for poverty alleviation among communities since 2002.  



To reduce poverty by enabling hundreds of individual poor women carry out microenterprises through provision of credit services, business investment consultancy services and entrepreneurial training to generate self-confidence and income to promote a culture of self-help to alleviate poverty. 



Knowledge and skills on financial literacy and income generating activities. 


Meetings for parish leaders, 

Trainings for organized groups, 

Business consultancy services, and  

Loan disbursements and recovery. 



Operation of Promic credit scheme: 

To implement her activities, Promic uses the structure of the church through the Catholic Women’s Guild. The guild leaders identify the sub-parishes with greatest need that are later mobilized for a Baseline Survey to assess the critical areas of intervention with the Desk staff. This is followed by pre-training workshops including group dynamics, credit management, business investment skills and the importance of working and forming groups/cooperatives. After the Pre-training workshops, women save for a period of 1-2 months for familiarization of the scheme and would-be clients later access loans and other credit services through groups of 5-8 people. 



Poor active women with income generating businesses. 



This project was started in partnership with Trocaire- Uganda  as a strategy to reduce  financial challenges faced by women’s  Desk and the target communities in 2014 



The Objective of the project was to promote long term sustainability of Women’s Desk with a social empowerment entity and also to enhance the capacity of women groups and associations to be more effective and assertive in poverty reduction programmes and hygiene management. 





Knowledge, skills and income generation 





Trainings and tailoring  





Awareness programs 

Making and assembling the reusable sanitary pads 

Training programs 

Marketing activities 





Women groups, adolescents/school drop-outs and schools in Kampala, Mpigi, Wakiso and Butambala districts 

Livelihood program/Food security 

This project was started in partnership with Cordaid  Netherlands 2014 



The Overall Objective of this project is to improve the livelihoods of peri-urban and rural communities through enhancing agricultural production for self-reliance. 




Knowledge and skills improvement 



Meetings, Mobilize groups 

Sensitization drives, Collaboration with local government at various levels  



Training workshops, -Group dynamics and sustainable agricultural practices. 

-Practical sessions/farm demonstrations, 

-Farm follow up visits and, 

-On-farm technical support. 

Provision of credit and loan recovery  




Women, men, youth and other members of society and the less advantaged in Katabi, Kalamba and Makindye Sub-counties. 

WASH & Menstrual hygiene management programme in 30 schools of Kampala Archdiocese. This is a pilot project of two years started in partnership with Kindermissionswerk of German in 2017 


Overall Objective 

To promote empowerment of girls and boys in relation to menstrual hygiene, reproductive health and gender.  



Knowledge and skills empowerment 


Meetings and training sessions 


Training sessions in schools and communities on menstrual hygiene, reproductive health and gender. 

Distribution of reusable pads in schools 

Assembling and making of reusable pads 

Construction & remodelling of WASH facilities in schools 


30 schools from the Archdiocese of Kampala in parish communities of Katende, Mpigi, Kkonge, Ggoli, Gombe and Kiziba.