Justice and Peace

The office has implemented a number of activities including training of pastoral leaders; sensitizing communities about human rights, transparency, accountability and constitutionalism; instituting community teams equipped with alternative dispute resolution skills; preparing leaders and communities during national elections, monitoring elections and carrying out quality family life programs aimed at mitigating domestic violence. 

The office closely works with the National Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace of the Uganda Episcopal Conference and other diocesan Justice and Peace offices, a collaboration through which several issues regarding governance have been addressed. 

Justice and Peace has also developed strategic relationships with various institutions and international movements outside of the Church structure. It has links with secular organizations working for the promotion of justice, peace and the respect for human dignity including government and UN Agencies. It also welcomes and exchanges best practices with non-governmental organizations that share its objectives and are working in the field of peace, reconciliation, justice and human rights. 

The office also organizes an annual diocesan peace week in the Archdiocese of Kampala.