The Central archdiocesan Province Caritas Association (CAPCA) project operates in six sub-counties of Bulo and Kalamba of Butambala district, Kituntu, Buwama, Kammengo and Mutuba Gumu town council of Mpigi district. The project aim is to economically transform and achieve improved livelihood of among 1296 households.


The project is implemented under three thematic areas namely;

Strengthening Family Livelihood.

Under this thematic area the project immediate objectives include:

  • To strengthen joint initiatives taken by poor rural Families to pursue their right to be food secure.
  • To support Families to have sustainable livelihood.

Strengthen rural organizations.

The immediate objectives under this thematic area are;

  • To strengthen community based organizations, and emerging networks of organized rural population in supporting local livelihood.
  • Securing equal access to basic rights through active engagement of local decision makers.

Strengthen Rural Development.

The project’s immediate objective under this thematic area is to strengthen CBOs and their partners to advocate for sustainable development in rural areas


  • The project is serving a total of 1296 households as the direct project beneficiaries. The major crops handled under the project interventions include; coffee, maize and Banana. In the area of livestock production the project focuses on poultry, piggery and dairy Cattle. All these agricultural enterprises are promoted among the 1200 households.
  • The project established six Farmer cooperative societies within the project area and efforts to make these cooperatives stronger are ongoing.
  • The project has empowered farmers to construct one Coffee factory premise at Mitala Maria Parish and one Maize mill premise at Bulo parish. The Coffee processing Machine and Maize milling machine respectively to facilitate farmers to process their coffee and maize into Fair Average Quality Coffee and Maize Flour respectively. These value addition equipments were donated by Caritas Denmark to the farmers.
  • The project has also interested 600 youth into carrying out agricultural activities with the elders within the farmer cooperatives. Before the farmer cooperatives were dominated by the elderly farmers. These youths have taken on wine making enterprises, passion fruit growing, Cocoa growing, tree and coffee nursery enterprise, agricultural education through drama and songs, crafts, poultry rearing and piggery.
  • Through advocacy and lobbying farmer groups and youth groups have been supported by Community Demand driven Development Fund and youth livelihood Fund respectively from the sub-counties of their jurisdiction. KOFA Cooperative Society Ltd in particular signed a memorandum of understanding with the local government at Kammengo sub-county to operate a coffee factory at Kammengo. This factory was constructed by the Government of the Republic of Uganda under Community Agriculture Infrastructure Improvement Project (CAIIP).
  • KOFA Cooperative Society Ltd also obtained Juice extractor machine from Mpigi local government. Unfortunately this juice extractor has not been put to use yet. The farmers are still mobilizing funds to install the machine and later pay for the training on how to operate the machine.


  • The continued unreliable weather which is culminated into long dry spell and intermittent much rainfall makes planning for agricultural production difficult.
  • Increased incidences of crop diseases and out breaks of crop pests.
  • Increasing inflation and the Fractuating prices of fuel have also made project activities implementation difficult.
  • Farmers find it difficult to transport their produce to market centers due to lack of transport means and poor road network.
Youth weeding a coffee nursery bed located at Mitalamaria.
CAPCA Project Coordinator addressing KOFA Cooperative Members - Field monitoring visit at Ggoli Parish.
Director Caritas Kampala hands over a Tricycle to members of Kalamba Farmers’ Cooperative Society Ltd to assist them in transporting produce to Market centers
Director Caritas and Caritas Denmark Africa Desk Program Coordinator inspecting Farmers’ stalls.
A Coffee farmer displaying proper drying of coffee
Children fetching water from a CAPCA project tank provided to the family of Mr. Buyungo Joseph Mary